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Kingdoms of Etheria Rules
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Please Note: By continuing to play on this server,
you agree to adhere to the rules posted.

Chat Rules:
1. Do not spam/flood the chat.
2. Do not private message anyone without their consent. 
3. Do not advertise groups, servers, or YouTube videos unless they are related to Kingdoms of Etheria.
4. ALL other rules of the other categories apply to in-game chat.

Punishments: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute. ALL staff reserve the right to punish you however they see fit. 
In-Game Rules
1. No modifying the gameplay in any way that gives you an advantage. Things such as Optifine, Minimaps, Litematica, etc. are allowed. Hacked clients, auto-clickers, etc. are not allowed. If you have any questions as to what is allowed, please contact a Staff Member.
2. Griefing of any form is not allowed. This does not apply in the Resource World, but use common sense when doing this (no lava-casts, no tnt, etc.)
3. Do not loot un-claimed or claimed areas, if they are not yours, please do not touch it. Exceptions apply in times of war. Looting is allowed in the Resource World. 
4. Do not AFK for extended amounts of time.  An acceptable amount of AFK time is four hours, after which you will be kicked automatically. This is because AFKing for long amounts of time will put a heavy strain on the server's resources, causing detriment to everyone on the server. 
5. Do not PvP without consent. This means that you are not allowed to go around killing every player you see. You must obtain explicit permission from all parties involved before engaging in PvP.
6. Do not abuse any glitches/bugs you come across. If you find a glitch/bug, please report it!
7. Do not sell people the right to join your Kingdom or Nation. If this is discovered, you will be banned and your Kingdom/Nation will be disbanded. 
8. Do not create large-scale automatic redstone farms. This includes things such as: zero-tick farms, multiple-chunk automatic sugarcane/bamboo farms, etc. Acceptable farms include: large-scale manual farms (you have to harvest the farm blocks yourself), small-scale non-redstone based mob grinders, etc. This is because redstone-based farms will generate a ton of lag for everyone on the server (and do you really need 20 double-chests of melons?) Farms can be removed at any time (without warning) if the Staff Team feels they are detrimental to the server. 
9. Do not use large amounts of hoppers in one chunk. This is because hoppers generate tons of lag, as they are constantly checking for updates. 
10. Do not create large animal farms, with more than 50 in one area. This is because the pathfinding AI of mobs will generate tons of lag, and be detrimental to everyone on the server. If large caches of animals are discovered, they are subject to removal at any time, without warning. 
11. Only mine, build, and harvest resources in your claimed areas. This is because we want the main world's terrain to stay as clean, un-touched, and preserved for as long as possible. We have Resource Worlds which you can access at any time to gather large amounts of resources.
12. Do not build obscene structures in any of the worlds. We want this server to be a safe and inviting space for members of all ages. 
13. Do not attempt to abuse the Admin-created shops in any way. 
14. Any content you make on this server (builds, communities, kingdoms, nations, etc.), is not able to be removed/deleted/otherwise destroyed in case of your ban. 

Punishments: Punishments can include temporary bans, permanent bans, kicks, etc. ALL staff reserve the right to punish you however they see fit. 
Community Rules
1. Do not discriminate against/disrespect minorities, genders, identities, etc. This includes not allowing entry into a Kingdom/Nation based on someone's minority group. This server is all about providing a safe and welcoming environment for all. 
2. Do not stir up/create drama within the community. If you have a problem with someone, please resolve it privately, or with the use of Staff Members. 
3. Do not harass/troll people in any way. Things such as light pranking are allowed, if the player you are doing it to consents. 
4. Do not circumvent bans/mutes/punishments in any way, either in-game, forums, or on the Discord. 
5. Do not try to anger other players. 
6. Do not try to get other players punished by provoking them. 
7. Do not impersonate other people, especially staff. 
8. Do not discuss hotly debated issues on any public platform ran by Kingdoms of Etheria, this includes things such as politics. If you must discuss this, do it via DM with consent from the other person. 
9. Do not post personal information in any form. 
10. Do not accuse other people of punishable offenses. If you have real evidence to support this, please message the Staff Team, or fill out a player report. 
11. These rules apply to ALL aspects of Kingdoms of Etheria, including In-Game, the Forums, and the Discord.

Punishments: Punishments may include temporary/permanent mutes or bans, kicks, and warnings. ALL staff reserve the right to punish you however they see fit. 
Discord Rules
1. Do not spam/flood the chat.
2. Do not private message anyone without their consent.
3. Do not advertise groups, servers, or YouTube videos unless they are related to Kingdoms of Etheria.
4. No soundboards, voice changers, or playing music loudly through the microphone!
5. Do not impersonate staff.
6. No discrimination of any type.
7. Do not record a voice channel without consent from everyone in the channel unless they are breaking a rule.
8. Do not post inappropriate content.
9. Do not link anything related to pornographic content, phishing/scams, viruses or any other inappropriate website.
10. Do not disrespect other people or staff members.
11. Do not ban evade.
12. Staff have the right to remove anyone they feel violated the rules.
13. Staff decision is final, Do not argue/bargain with the staff.
14. Do not discuss politics, exploits, hacks or religion here.
15. Do not post anything NSFW or any other content that may be offensive.
16. Do not spam any staff member about anything. When they have time they will check it.
17. Excessive name calling, threats or harassment will not be tolerated and will be moderated

Punishment: Punishments include bans, mutes, and kicks. ALL staff reserve the right to punish anyone however they see fit. 
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