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Many centuries ago, the lands of Etheria were all congregated into a central supercontinent, with the middle of the supercontinent being the most temperate, and containing the Kingdom of Etheria. The Kingdom of Etheria was the major controlling Kingdom over all of the lands of Etheria, but after many centuries of it existing, it split into four separate smaller Kingdoms, each controlling 1/4th of the central island as a result of irreconcilable differences. The Gletscher Kingdom controlled the top right fourth; called the lands of Glacies, the Feir Kingdom controlled the bottom right fourth; called the lands of Aequum, the Tempar Kingdom controlled the top left fourth; called the lands of Temperatus, and the Aridia Kingdom controlled the bottom left fourth; called the lands of Torreo. Slowly over many generations of Kings and Queens of each Kingdom, the central supercontinent split into four separate continents as a result of continuous warfare and tension between the four Kingdoms. Since the four Kingdoms could no longer access resources the other Kingdoms’ continents provided, they slowly fell to ruin, as a result of resource scarcity since they could no longer provide for their people, and it was too far between the Kingdoms, in terms of physical area, and their relationships, to establish new trade routes between the Kingdoms and their continents. Each of these Kingdoms also gave rise to their own races as a result of being subjected to their continent's extremes for so long, being extremely similar to their foes across all of the continents, but having slight differences. These races are called: the Glacians; of Glacies, the Feiries; of Aequum, the Temparium; of Temperatus, and the Aridians; of Torreo. Now, over ten centuries later, the four Kingdoms and most of their towns have been reclaimed by nature, providing a fresh start to anyone who might venture to these continents. This small town is all that is left of the Gletscher Kingdom now, having overtook the castle from the major Kingdom of this continent of Glacies after it fell. The few of our people who have dared to undertake such demanding journeys between the continents have found evidence of a single remaining town, with the remnants of the continents’ respective race on each, although they have failed to establish relationships with them thus far. Our people have also discovered that some of the continents have minor sub-continents near them. Maybe you will be the adventurer to finally venture to these far lands and claim the lands for yourself under your own Kingdom… Which one will you choose?