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How to Siege
  • Siege War allows attacks known as "Sieges".
  • A siege starts when a player places a coloured banner (the Siege Banner) outside a target town.
  • The type of siege depends on the scenario. There are 4 types of sieges:
    • Enemy king outside unoccupied town - Conquest.
    • King outside occupied town - Liberation.
    • Town mayor outside occupied town - Revolt.
    • King outside a town the nation occupies - Suppression.
  • Players win sieges by winning Battles.
    • For a Battle to start, a Battle Session must be active. Battle sessions start at 10 minutes past the hour, and last 50 minutes.
    • Once players start to contest a siege, a Battle starts.
    • Players gain Battle Points by holding the ground within 16 blocks of the Siege Banner (the Timed Point Zone), and/or by killing enemy soldiers within 150 blocks of the Siege Banner (the Siege Zone).
      • Allied nations can fully contribute to each other's sieges.
      • If a soldier dies in the Siege Zone, their items are kept but weapon/armour/tool durability is degraded by 20%
    • When a Battle Session Ends:
      • The team with the highest Battle Points wins the Battle
      • Then their Battle Points are applied to the Siege Balance (added for attacker; subtracted for defender).
      • Then Battle Points and Banner Control are wiped, and blocked, for the next 10 minutes (so everybody can take break from fighting).
  • Max siege duration is 3 days
    • This is important to allow players enough time to respond to siege attacks, especially casual & cross-timezone players.
    • Town structures & stored items remain safe during this time (because the only perm affected is PVP).
    • At the end of the max siege duration, if the Siege Balance is positive, the attacker wins the siege; if the Siege Balance is zero or negative, the defender wins the siege.
    • Sieges can also be ended early, if the attacker Abandons, or the defender Surrenders.
  • After a siege ends:
    • Some immunities become active:
      • The town received siege immunity for x3 times the duration of the siege
      • The town receives revolt immunity for 0.75 times the duration of the siege immunity
    • Plunder might be possible:
      • In Conquest, Liberation, & Suppression sieges, the attacker must win to have this option.
      • In Revolt sieges, the defender must win to have this option.
      • Plunder transfers money from the town to its opponent nation.
      • A plundered town cannot fall due to the money loss (it can only go 'bankrupt', preserving the town completely but blocking building/claiming/recruitment).
    • Invasion might be possible:
      • This option is only available in Conquest and Liberation sieges, if the attacker wins
      • By invading, a nation becomes the occupier of the town.
      • An occupied town will be counted as part of the nation for the following purposes:
        • Nation bonus plots.
        • /n list ranking.
        • Dynmap-Towny town colour.
    • A town might be immediately released from occupation:
      • This only occurs if a Revolt or Liberation siege is won by the attackers.
  • Soldiers have two extra sources of income.
    • For each plunder, every soldier in the victorious army will receive a share based on how much they contributed to the siege.
    • If the nation decides to make a military salary payment, every soldier in the nation will receive a share based on their military rank.
  • Peacefulness:
    • Peaceful Towns can opt out of war.
      • By toggling peaceful, a town receives immunity from siege attacks. In return, its can get peacefully occupied, and its residents suffer from 'war allergy' if they approach a siege zone.
    • Peaceful Nations can opt out of war.
      • By toggling peaceful in all its towns, a nation can go completely peaceful.


  • Map Sneak - As a player, to disappear from the dynmap, for military stealth tactics or even just resource gathering, 'Dual Yield' any of the following: 2 diamond swords, 2 diamond axes, 2 diamond shovels, or 2 bows. This is particularly useful if your server does not allow invisibility potions, or just as a cheaper option.
  • Attack town - As a king or general, place a coloured banner in the wilderness close to a town.
    • This action will initiate a new siege on the town.
    • $20/plot will be deposited into a War Chest, which will be automatically recovered by the siege winner.
    • Each nation can have a maximum of 3 attack sieges at any one time.
    • New towns, recently besieged towns, and Peaceful Towns cannot be attacked.
    • While under siege, a town has PVP forced-on, cannot recruit new residents, cannot claim/unclaim land, and only residents can spawn there.
  • Get Battle Points:
    • Enemy Deaths
      • As an attacker or defender, kill enemy players of military rank within the siege zone (150 block radius around the siege-banner).
      • Each death gives 150 Battle Points.
    • Banner Control
      • As a military-ranked attacked or defender, gain banner control for your side by remaining alive and within the timed point zone (16 block radius around the siege-banner) for 7 minutes.
      • This is a Banner Control Session.
      • All enemy players must be cleared from the area for the session to succeed.
      • Multiple players can use the same method to get onto the Banner Control List.
      • Your team will automatically gets 30 Battle Points every minute for each player on the list.
      • If a team steals battle control from the opposing team, the stealing team get an instant Banner Control Reversal Bonus, equal to twice the number battle points the enemy earned from capping the banner.
  • Win Battle - Be the team with the highest Battle Points when the current battle session ends. The winner gets their Battle Points applied to the Siege Balance (added for attacker; subtracted for defender).
  • Win Siege - When the Siege Victory Timer hits 0, if the Siege Balance is negative, the defender wins; if the Siege Balance is positive, the attacker wins.
  • Plunder town - As a nation king or general, after the siege is won, place a chest in the wilderness close to the town. This action will rob the town of $40/plot.
    • The plunder is divided between the nation bank, and the soldiers who contributed to the attack, at a ratio of 3:1
    • Soldiers contributions are measured by banner control - a soldier receives exactly one share if they gain banner control at least once during a battle.
  • Capture town - As an nation king or general, after the siege is won, place a coloured banner in the wilderness close to the town. This action will invade the town, setting the nation to be its occupier.
  • Abandon attack - As a siege attacker (king/general/mayor, depending on siege type), place an all-white banner in the wilderness close to the town.
  • Surrender town - As a siege defender (king/general/mayor, depending on siege type), place an all-white banner in the wilderness close the the town.



  • View Information:
    • Siege - /sw hud [town name] - Toggle a convenient HUD on/off, to monitor the progress of a particular siege.
    • Town - /t or /t here or /t [town name] - Check if the given town is under siege, and view detailed information about the siege (if any).
    • Nation - /n [nation name] - View a list of all sieges the given nation is involved in (if any).
  • Assign Military Ranks:
    • Town - /t rank add [player name] [rank] - As a mayor, assign guard & sheriff ranks. As a sheriff, assign guardranks. Guards, sheriffs, and mayors can gain Battle Points if the town is sieged. Mayors can also execute siege surrenders.
    • Nation - /n rank add [player name] [rank] - As a king, assign any nation military rank e.g. privatesergeantlieutenantcaptainmajorcolonel, or general. As a general, assign any of these except general. The king, or any soldier, can gain Battle Points in nation/ally sieges. Kings and generals can also execute siege attacks/abandons/invasions/plunders.
  • Release Town from Occupation - \sw nation release <townname /> - As a king, release a foreign town from occupation.
  • Pay Soldiers - /sw nation paysoldiers <amount /> - As a king, make a military salary payment to your soldiers. Each soldier receives a share of the money, based on their military rank.
  • Collect Military Income - /sw collect - As a soldier, collect any income due to you from:
    • Plunder
    • Military Salary
  • Ruin Town - /t delete - As a mayor, deny your town to an invader. Your town will enter a ruined state for 3 days, after which full deletion occurs. In this state, all perm protections are disabled.
    • Reclaim Town - /t reclaim - As a resident, if your town falls into ruin, then after 24 hrs. have passed, reclaim it and become mayor.
  • Collect Nation Refund - /sw collect - As a king, if your nation gets deleted for any reason, including capture of your last town, you will be refunded(80%) of the initial setup cost. This command collects that refund.
  • Toggle Town Peacefulness - /t toggle peaceful - As a mayor, declare your town to be peaceful. The status will be confirmed in 10 days (or 2 if the town is new).
    • Advantages:
      • The town is immune to sieges
    • Disadvantages:
      • Residents cannot receive nation-military ranks.
      • Residents are afflicted by 'war allergy' if they enter a siege zone.
      • The town may get peacefully occupied, depending on nearby 'Guardian Towns'.
        • A town qualifies as a Guardian Town if it:
          • Is not peaceful.
          • Is not occupied.
          • Is open.
          • Is a nation member.
          • Is within 75 townblocks of the peaceful town.
          • Has 30 plots or more.
        • Peaceful occupation works as follows:
          • If there are no guardian towns nearby - town will not be occupied.
          • If the largest unsieged nearby guardian town is from its home nation - town will not be occupied.
          • If the largest unsieged nearby guardian town is from a different nation - town will be peacefully occupied.
    • Warning:
      • When a town returns from peacefulness, any occupier it had prior to the peacefulness is restored.
      • Thus the feature cannot be used to 'wash away' occupation without a fight (via going peaceful then back).


  • Reload the SiegeWar config & language files - /swa reload.
  • Set siege immunities - /swa immuity [alltowns/nation/town] ...
  • End a siege (Siege ends, and winner is decided by current Siege Balance) - /swa siege [town name] end.
  • Remove a siege (Siege is removed with no winner) - /swa siege [town_name] remove
  • Set Siege Balance - /swa siege [town name] setbalance [balance].
  • Set the siege plundered flag - /swa siege[town name] setplundered [true/false].
  • Set the siege captured flag - /swa town [town name] setcaptured [true/false].