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5 months ago

Hello everyone, 

I have finally decided to give you all a long overdue update on what has happened to the server. Basically, I lost all momentum towards this project (and mainly life in general). I am extremely sorry to keep you all in the dark for so long, but I truly and sincerely loved this project, and will definitely be continuing work on the future. It's just that real life caught up with me, and I have had numerous personal issues to work through as well as preparing for the next major stage in my life. This project just sort of fell by the wayside for me, and for that I am truly sorry. I will keep the server up for the rest of this month, after which it will go down until I regain my motivation to finish it. I can provide a world download for anyone who wants it, but just be aware that the world is massive, and will take a very long time to download. Also, please do not leave the discord, I will be working on this project again soon, it's just that for now, I am having to take a break due to numerous overwhelming circumstances IRL. 

I sincerely hope you all understand, 



I am Selena, the owner of Kingdoms of Etheria! Welcome to our server!