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Date joined: 12/01/2020
Kingdom: Etheria
IGN: steamtm
11 days ago

Hello everyone!

For today's update, I mainly focused on the documentation side of things.

First, I added custom help pages for each of the ranks, which can be accessed by typing /help (Rank name), and also for each class, which can be accessed by typing /help (Class name). 

Next, I added Custom Death Messages and Advancement Messages to better fit the look of the server. 

Finally, I did a little bit of security-related things, which I can't exactly go into without defeating the purpose of them. 

I also did a couple of other various odds and ends, such as switching the Wilderness/Town Territory notifier from the action bar to the boss bar, at the request of Foxen and others. 



I am Steam, the owner of Kingdoms of Etheria! Welcome to our server!