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Long Overdue Announcement Announcement
 steamtm •   8 days ago •  25

Hello everyone, 

I have finally decided to give you all a long overdue update on what has happened to the server. Basically, I lost all momentum towards this project (and mainly life in general). I am extremely sorry to keep you all in the dark for so long, but I truly and sincerely loved this project, and will definitely be continuing work on the future. It's just that real life caught up with me, and I have had numerous personal issues to work through as well as preparing for the next major stage in my life. This project just sort of fell by the wayside for me, and for that I am truly sorry. I will keep the server up for the rest of this month, after which it will go down until I regain my motivation to finish it. I can...

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Beta-V-0.3 The Informative Update! +Security Changelog
 steamtm •   3 months ago •  106

Hello everyone!

For today's update, I mainly focused on the documentation side of things.

First, I added custom help pages for each of the ranks, which can be accessed by typing /help (Rank name), and also for each class, which can be accessed by typing /help (Class name). 

Next, I added Custom Death Messages and Advancement Messages to better fit the look of the server. 

Finally, I did a little bit of security-related things, which I can't exactly go into without defeating the purpose of them. 

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Beta-V-0.2 Classes, Skills, and better leveling ranks! Changelog
 steamtm •   3 months ago •  114


This update is a bit late, but I am happy to announce that Classes and Skills are now implemented! I have also made the leveling ranks way more useful, and help pages for each of them will be coming soon. 

Can't wait to see you all using skills,


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Beta-v-0.1 Quests, Bugs, etc. Changelog
 steamtm •   3 months ago •  108

Hello everyone! 

As the server has been in Beta for exactly a day now, I felt it was the right time to release Quests! What this means for you is that you are now able to type /quests, and choose various quests to complete. This should ease your money-making, and will hopefully propel one of you to become a Knight! I've also fixed a couple of bugs.



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The Server is Officially in the Beta Testing Phase! Announcement
 steamtm •   3 months ago •  144

Hello everyone!

It is my pleasure to announce that as of today, April 18th, the server has begun its Beta Testing Phase! This means that we are releasing to a limited number (15) of Beta Testers, whose sole purpose is to find bugs, glitches, and exploits before the full release of the server! As this is not the full release, some things are still being worked on: Ruins, Skills, and Quests. These aspects of the server should be ready by the time Beta Testing is over, in about one week from today! 

See you all there,


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